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Can a guys rectum secrete fluid that is clear genital fluid?

We keep in mind a wellness teacher in university telling students it’s feasible for a man to secrete fluid simply as just just just how a female obviously create genital fluid or “juice.”

I am a bisexaul guy that has been penetrated before and I also’ve never really had any STDs. The first-time we had anal intercourse, I secreted plenty of “juice” that my partner thought ended up being abnormal for a person doing.

I recall my teacher telling us that the good basis for females creating genital “juice” could be because of their estrogen levels, and guys can create some level of estrogen, however up to ladies.

But just being a refresher, I wish to know very well what could be the fluid that is actual “juice” is scientifically called and it is it correct that a person can exude “juice” from their anal area from sexual stimulation and arousal.

like masturbation significantly more than intercourse

Why do i’ve an area that is moist my anal area whenever I become stimulated?

Just how can an orgasm is achieved by me?

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